On June 24-26, the Rotary Clubs of Austin and Killeen along with the General Manager, Chris Coleman  of the Omni SouthPark figured out a way by giving a Ft. Hood military family a fun filled weekend in Austin through Operation Vacation.
Due to a joint partnership of Rotary, Ft. Hood, Austin Hotel Lodging Association, County Line, Super Shuttle and many other supporters, CW3 Chuck Damboise and his wife and two daughters were selected for this special event for serving our country and keeping us all safe every day at a hefty sacrifice for each military family. This family had a two nite stay at the hotel with lots of great gifts and toys for the kids. All their meals were included and the County Line served them a barbeque dinner Texas style with all the trimmings. “Chuck texted me on his way back to Ft. Hood that all of them had a great time and the girls especially loved the pool at the hotel. They even saved their Austin Parks and Pizza passes for another special summer trip to Austin later in the summer”, said Mary Reynolds, coordinator for this project for over ten years. It is such a rewarding experience to see our soldiers and their families appreciated and treated like VIPs.