Rotary Year 2017-18 is almost over... only about six more weeks as I write this. We've accomplished a lot, on many different fronts. However, we can still do a little more to make a difference. Those final touches. Rotarians are hard workers, but they are also procrastinators. I'd like to encourage you to examine your club's - and your own personal - goals and aspirations for this year, and strive to complete your objectives as you can.
IT'S TIME... to empty those little piglet banks my wife Kathleen left at your club and send the money in to her for record keeping and forwarding on to RI (Kathleen Holiman, 11108 Crossland Drive, Austin, TX 78726; please make checks out to The Rotary Foundation, not her).
IT'S TIME... to invite that prospective member to come to a meeting or other club event, and hopefully join, your club. We're up about 70 for the year (hoorah!), but some clubs are still at 0-net growth, or even at a loss for the year. Remember my "DG One Initiative" goal for every club to net at least one new member this year? We can all do it!
IT'S TIME... to review your Foundation giving against your club's and your personal goals, and send in these funds. I understand that some clubs prefer to collect contributions all year long and send them in en masse each year, but these monies need to be mailed in NOW to be credited appropriately to this Rotary year.
IT'S TIME.... to plant one tree for each member of your club, as Ian Riseley, our Rotary International President, targeted for this year. Hundreds have already been planted by Rotarians in Central Texas, but not every club has yet dug any holes. Ready. Shovel. Dig! Mighty oaks, or little saplings - all grow to strengthen our environment.
IT'S TIME... to display that new Rotary wheel identity sign where you meet weekly, on the outskirts of town, in the park, or wherever your neighbors congregate and can ascertain your presence. Remember, out of sight sometimes means out of mind also. This is a great marketing tool for new members, and recognition for the good we do in our communities.
IT'S TIME... to register for the June 9 District Officer Installation at the Oasis Restaurant on Lake Travis in Austin. This is our last district-wide event, and it promises to be great fun, accompanied by great food. We encourage all Rotarians - especially new officers in your club - to attend. If you are not having your own separate installation event in your hometown, this is also an ideal opportunity to have them formally installed by our own PDG Rich Kaye. Registration details are elsewhere on this website.
IT'S TIME... to also register for the RI International Convention in Toronto June 23-27. Great fun, learning, and a time to meet and socialize with 30,000 or so of your best friends from around the world. Information is on the website.
IT'S TIME... to finish this Rotary year with a bang. Together. Thank you again.