OCTOBER 24, 2024

How Will You Celebrate?

  • Host Rotary Night: Arrange with your local ball clubs and host a Rotary Night at the ball game. Both major and minor league teams have pitched in to help Rotary "strike out Polio".
  • Organize a walk-a-thon, bike-a-thon or skate-a-thon: Find Rotarians, Rotarian Fellowships, athletic groups or other community members who want to participate and ask them to solicit pledges for miles or kilometers walked, pedaled or skated.
  • Pies for Polio Event: Challenge your members, Club sponsors to build awareness for Polio by holding a fundraiser to "Take a Pie for Polio". Get creative. Check out the campaign on the side panel from Rotary Club of Taylor.
  • Pints for Polio Event: Arrange with a local pub/winery to host a Pints Night with portion of proceeds going to Polio
  • Restaurant Fundraiser: The way it works is you plan the fundraiser and estimate a certain number of people to fill the restaurant for lunch or dinner. The receipts go into a box and the restaurant pays your organization a certain percentage of the take, typically 15-20%.
  • Purple Pinkie Promotion: Arrange with a local bakery or some members to make donut bars and ice them as shown with a "purple pinkie." Sell to your members, at the grocery store, at the bakery, anywhere - and Raise money and awareness of PolioPlus and Rotary.