2024 - 2025 District 5870
Global Grant Scholarships


District 5870 is offering three (3) Global Grant Scholarships for Rotary Year 2024-25. The download sections of this page contains three important documents - - Application, Handbook, and Areas of Focus.  These provide essential information about the requirements and selection of Global Grant Scholars.


Please read the Handbook carefully before beginning the process.  Information is provided for identifying candidates, navigating the application/interview process, and submitting the chosen candidate to District. The schedule is included, with the District Committee interviews to select the Scholars on December 14, 2024.  If the candidate is selected by the Committee, the club will be responsible for preparing the application to The Rotary Foundation.  


If there are questions, please contact the District Global Grant Scholarship Chair, Tom Anderson email tander6854@sbcglobal.net.