Posted by Mary Reynolds
Austin has really turned out for our military during these summer months. First the City of Austin and the Military hosted a big Appreciation Day Downtown in June where the public was invited to come and visit with our military forces, see their equipment ,share in summer activities and thank our troops. This made me very proud that much of the city turned out for this event to support our troops. This month  our Rotary Club of Austin along with Killeen Rotary also hosted another R&R weekend for Sgt. First Class Lon Fonseca and his wife Jennifer from Ft. Hood at the Four Seasons Hotel Austin. The staff greeted them with their favorite Summer drinks and catered to them all weekend in “Four Season first class style”. They spent Saturday visiting many of the most popular attractions in Austin as well as a dinner fit for a king at the County Line on the Hill. Sgt. Fonseca was so impressed with the love shown to them that he was going to go back to the base and tell the commander in chief about these R&R weekends so more of their families could be involved. Thank you Austin for your support of the military.