Today, the country of Serbia has the highest COVID-19 rate of any of the seven Balkan countries along the Adriatic, west of the Balkan Mountains. With COVID cases surging in Europe to the west and Romania to the east, Serbia is in a precarious situation.
The city of Cacak, in central Serbia, has no PCR equipment to test swabs. Outside labs are overwhelmed, and when they do take “outsiders’” samples, there are delays, which jeopardize contact tracing. The host, Rotary club of Cacak, seeks funding for PCR lab equipment through the prestigious “Hearts of Europe” collaborative initiative of Rotary International and the USAID.

The Rotary Club of Austin is the initiative’s international partner. Funds will be used to purchase equipment and supplies that will be housed in the Institute of Public Health in Cacak, which has appropriate space for testing and is ready to begin when the funds are available. RCA is proud to be the international partner of an effort to stop COVID now, in Serbia!