The Rockdale Rotary Club is proud to support and contribute to The Early Act First Knights at our Rockdale Intermediate Campus every year.  The character building program has been embraced by our campus administration and has been proven to be very effective. This program doesn’t just prove to be positive and effective with our 3rd – 5th graders but it also effects their parent, grandparents, siblings and anyone the students have contact with.
They love the knighting ceremonies and applaud each other, even when they are not recognized.  Behavioral issues coming into the ISD campus office have reduced by 70% and the RISD staff have seen a positive change in their students.  We know that this program will continue to be embraced by both RISD staff and our Rockdale Rotary Club.  It has been proven to be an encouragement to our students to learn such positive attributes, along with The Rotary 4-Way Test which the students recite every morning.  We could not be more grateful that Rotary has developed and offered this program to our clubs.  We encourage every club to reach out to their school districts and come together to utilize this program for our young people.  We are obligated to be part of developing young leaders.