Posted by Rick Stacy
First let me say, this was not my original idea.  It came from ADG Bob Crouch from Rotary Club Killeen Heights.  Most good ideas come from someone else.
The employees of the HEBs and Wal-Marts have been working their tails off helping provide food and medicines to the areas they serve.  They work long hours, not many days off, and have only a short time to grab a bite to eat.  Taking Bob’s queue, I decided to provide a lunch for the workers at HEB.  I wanted to solicit others in my club that might want something to do in Rotary during these of no meetings and no service projects.  A short email went out asking for three people to donate $100 each join me in feeding the folks at HEB.  In one hour, 17 responded.  So we had $1,800 to spend on lunches. 
On Saturday, 28 March, we took Chick-Fil-a sandwiches for 80 people to HEB.  They loved it!  The following Monday we fed 75 workers at Wal-Mart. On Tuesday, we fed 100 people at Marble Falls ISD Central Office and all maintenance and cafeteria workers at every school campus.  On Wednesday, we fed every one working at the MF Police Station, Fire Fighters, EMS, and Air Evac facilities.  We have money yet to spend and looking for the next place to go. 
On Thursday, on the Rotary Club of Marble Falls Zoom meeting……other club members voiced a desire to join our group as well.  We don’t know where this will take us, or how much additional money we will raise, but it leaves you feeling good.  It fills a void in these days with time on our hands and a Rotarian’s heart just looking for ways to offer the deserving workers SERVICE ABOVE SELF