The Marble Falls Daybreak Rotary received a 2018 DAP Grant from Rotary District 5870 to provide Open Door Recovery House (ODRH) in Marble Falls with two new computers and a new printer. The Open Door Recovery House is a 501(c) non-profit that operates a residential facility for women in Marble Falls who are working on recovery from drugs and or alcohol. 
Many people stay in destructive lifestyles because they cannot afford to get help and this service is provided free of charge to the residents. Up to 8 women at a time can stay with ODRH, from one month to up to a year. 
While in the program, women are given structure to help them get their lives back on track and are taught how to reconnect with their families, and manage their finances and court-ordered requirements.  The previous computers in the office were over 10 years old and needed replacing.  The new Computers will be used for many things including Budgeting, Grant Writing, office correspondence, maintaining records on women in their program, writing grant requests, and keeping track of finances.  
The Open Door Recovery House is a sober-living, residential drug and alcohol recovery program where women seeking recovery apply to live, and where they learn life skills while they work their way back into society. Women who successfully complete the program become tax-paying, contributing members of our society. They not only improve their own lives, but also those of their children and families, providing an exponentially positive impact in our communities.  ODRH’s 2016 non-recidivism rate was 70% and the new computers will help ODRH maintain statistics on future residents and their success rates!