Lakeway/Lake Travis Rotary Club celebrated its 25th anniversary June 22. The group plays an active role in the community by sponsoring its annual Lake Travis ISD Special Olympics Banquet, giving more than $450,000 to Lake Travis High School students for vocational career training and college scholarships, and raising $50,000 for the Lake Travis Community Library meeting room.
The club sponsors Rotary-based Interact clubs at Lake Travis High and Hudson Bend Middle schools. Rotary mentors students and helps them implement charity projects. 

The Lakeway/Lake Travis club has a new project underway providing 3-D printed prosthetic limbs to children in Tanzania, Africa. “We can see this project turning into the next polio project for Rotary,”  said Kristine Shelstad, the newly elected Lakeway/Lake Travis Rotary Club president.

Partnering with Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, the club sent 3-D printers with special filament for the sockets to Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center, where local trained technicians can put them to use.

“You can scan the leg and print out [a prosthetic] for less than $100,” Shelstad said. “It totally changes the life of that child and their family.”