A renovation to a Central Texas shelter is helping families overcome hardships and benefiting the community. Killeen Heights Rotary Club allocated over $19,000 of a District Assistance Program (DAP) grant to help in renovating and refurbishing the Families in Crisis kitchen and dining area.

“We’ve gone through completely taking the walls apart, ceiling tile...ceiling tile is brand new tile. We’ve had electrical work done,” said Jim Bondi, president of Killeen Heights Rotary Club.

The renovation includes bringing in new appliances, cabinets, flooring and painting.

“We took out all the old cabinets. These will all be replaced with brand new cabinets…we will start installation next week,” Bondi said.

An important part of Families in Crisis building is the kitchen area.

“Where moms are in here cooking the food the kids are used to, where they can all sit down and have a meal. So, I would say this room is probably the most critical room in the facility,” said Suzanne Armour with Families in Crisis.

The bulk of the work is being done by Rotarian volunteers.

“For us to be able to provide them with a more and improved kitchen is incredibly exciting. It’s been terrific watching this whole process,” added Armour.

A process that has brought a sense of normalcy for the families. Families in Crisis houses, supports, and empowers people experiencing family violence, sexual violence, and homelessness, according to a mission statement.

“It warms our heart to know we’re giving them a more warm and comfortable warm area to eat and socialize with their families. That’s priceless,” said Bondi.

The goal is to complete the work by Feb. 28.