Dear Rotarian Friend, governor Ricky,
Please let me follow up on a telephone conversation from last week. Our district D2240 – Czech & Slovak Republics, has started a public collection to help the inhabitants of West, TX. First amounts are rolling in. As you are probably aware, the town of West is populated by many Czech descendants and therefore the situation there is being followed by local media.
In order to promote the collection , we are planning to have a press conference next week. As a part of the conference we wanted to ask you, if you could help us to get in touch with some local Rotarians (maybe from RC Waco or RC Northwest Waco) who would be willing to take part in the press conference (via Skype) and answer some of the questions that may be asked. It would greatly support the cause and also show that the situation is closely monitored by Rotary and that you know where our money would help most.
Please let me know if you can get a knowledgeable Rotarian to take part in the press conference on May 2nd. at about 5 or 6 AM of your local time. Naturally we would need to try out the connection in advance.

Looking forward to you answer. 


George J. Podzimek
district speaker & PR committee chair
Czech republic & Slovak republic