As we go about working to get every single member to contribute to the Rotary Foundation this year, I want to remind you that District 5870 has a method to help you become an initial (first-time) Paul Harris Fellow. 

The Jerry Johnson Trust will match contributions on a 1-to-1 basis in amounts of $100 up to $500 for any active Rotarian in District 5870 who is not a first time Paul Harris Fellow as long as the contribution is made to the Annual Programs Fund-SHARE. 

Jerry was a member of the RC of Killeen Heights who left his entire estate to the Rotary Foundation with the proviso that it is used to help Rotarians achieve their first Paul Harris Fellowship. 

There are some rules:

1.       The Fund will not contribute more than it takes to achieve the PHF.  For instance, if you have already contributed $500 to date, and now elects to contribute $300 more in order to take advantage of the match, the Fund will only match the first $200 so that the donor achieves PHF status.

2.      Before making an eligible contribution, contact DG Rich Kaye (at and let him know how much the donor is intending to contribute. The Fund will establish the contributor's baseline and monitor TRF reports to (1) verify that the funds have been received and posted to TRF records, and (2) determine the amount of the match needed.

3.      Contribute the funds directly to TRF either using the attached form or on-line via Member Access on  Once the new cash contribution appears on the donor's record, the Fund will submit the match.

4.      When the PHF is received, the Fund will coordinate with the donor to determine the best time for its presentation.

 You can check the Jerry Johnson Trust out on the district’s website at

Over the past three years, 109 Rotarians in 21 different clubs have taken advantage of this program.  We hope to be able to help you, too.