Below is a list of the EAFK schools and sponsoring Rotary clubs within District 5870
Austin ISD:
Dawson 2010 Rotary Club of Austin
Pecan Springs 2012 Cosmopolitan/University/EClub/Rotary Club of Austin
Hart 2017 Northwest Rotary Club & North X Northeast         
Bastrop ISD:
Mina El. 2012 Bastrop Rotary
Emile El. 2012 Bastrop Rotary
Cedar Creek El. 2012 Bastrop Rotary
Lost Pines El. 2012 Bastrop Rotary
Bluebonnet El. 2010 Bastrop Rotary
Red Rock El.  2012 Bastrop Rotary
Flatonia ISD:
Flatonia El. 2015 Flatonia Rotary
Georgetown ISD:
Mitchell  El. 2012 Georgetown Rotary 
Purl El.  2013 Georgetown Rotary
Carver El. 2017 Georgetown Rotary
Giddings ISD:
Giddings El. 2013 Giddings Rotary
Jarrell ISD:
Jarrell El. 2015 Georgetown Sun City Rotary
Jarrell Int. 2015 Georgetown Sun City Rotary
Killeen ISD:
Harker Heights El. 2010 Harker Heights Rotary
Willow Springs El.  2014 Harker Heights Rotary
La Grange ISD:
Hermes El. 2011 LaGrange Rotary
Rockdale ISD
Rockdale Int. 2016 Rockdale Rotary
Shiner ISD:
Shiner El. 2014 Shiner Rotary
Smithville ISD:
Brown Primary 2015 Cedar Creek/Bastrop Rotary
Temple ISD:
Raye-Allen El. 2016 Temple South Rotary
School Districts 12
Schools 23
Rotary Clubs 18
Students 15,000+