"Opportunity", "Inspiration", "Creativity."  A simple gift of a dictionary can change the life of a child, providing the words that unlock a world of reading, writing and advanced learning.  This is the guiding principle behind  The Dictionary Project and it has inspired two Rotary Clubs, Rotary Club of Austin University Area (RCAUA) and Club Rotario Reynosa, to bring the magic of dictionaries to Escuela Primaria Ramon Mario Bahena Rodriguez in Reynosa.  
Spearheaded by Betty Richardson of RCAUA and Wes Garcia of Club Rotario Reynosa, 120 dictionaries in Spanish and English were purchased by RCAUA, and distributed by Club Rotario Reynosa to the school.  The goal Is to give each 4th grade and 6th grade student their own personal dictionary. The teachers and students at Ramon Mario Behena are really excited about the dictionaries.  Delivering those dictionaries in person to the school was "gratifying", "rewarding" and "satisfying" - you can see how much the kids love them in this picture with Betty and Dr. Ismael Rodriguez (principal of the school.