The Rotary Clubs of Temple, Temple South, and Belton have joined efforts with the Temple Biomedical and Health District to provide surgical masks to Baylor Scott & White in Temple. 
The Rotary Club of Temple under the leadership of Dr. Phil Davis and President Elect Kelly Garcia and the Temple Health and Bioscience District led by Executive Director Tami Annable rallied their members at the beginning of the COVID -19 crisis  to find a way to make a meaningful contribution to our community’s response.  The Rotary Club of Temple’s Board of Directors considered many options before deciding to team up with Executive Director Annable to produce the surgical masks.  The Board of Directors for the Temple Health and Bioscience District voted not only provided the expertise and equipment to produce the masks, but the Board has also made a matching pledge to what the Rotary Clubs and individuals contribute.  The Rotary Club of Temple South led by President Jinger Patjeska and President Elect Alan Horn and the Rotary Club of Belton led by President Trevor Smith and President Elect John Shank have also pledged to support the project financially.
The surgical masks will be produced locally by using 3-D printer technology.  The surgical masks can be cleaned after each usage, and they have a discardable filter than can be replaced.  Currently, donations have exceeded $ 8500.00.