Cameron's global grant was to provide Medical Equipment to Primary Health Centers (PHC) located at Pedanandipadu and Karamchedu Villages and Eye Hospital located at Macherla. The PHCs and Eye Hospital are not fully equipped with the required Medical Equipment and Patients are required to travel several hours to Guntur to take proper treatment.
With the provision of Medical equipment local persons can have proper treatment in the Mandal Head Quarter itself. It is also proposed to provide Microscope for the Eye Hospital to increase the Number of Free Surgeries. Who will benefit from this global grant? Provide the estimated number of direct beneficiaries. Pedanandipadu is a Mandal Head Quarter surrounded by 16 villages. The Population is 41980. Karamchedu PHC caters to about 60000 people. At present around 70 to 80 Patients come to each of the PHC for treatment. With the provision of Medical Equipment, it is estimated that 120 to 150 patients will be able to get treatment at Each PHC. Considering 300 Patients for 300 days the direct Beneficiaries can be around 90000 per year. By providing Microscope it is estimated by around 100 additional surgeries (30%-40% increase) can be taken up which will benefit around 1200 patients per year.