On Friday, February 15th, the Yoakum Rotary Club loaded up a van provided by Marty Garrison of .Wendel Motor Company with 276 teddy bears and headed for Driscoll Children's Hospital in Corpus Christi. 
A stuffed bear is given to each child admitted to the hospital as a source of comfort and security in unfamiliar and sometimes overwhelming surroundings. 
The bear collection project was just one of our Yoakum Rotary Club's goals for 2019.  That project goal was reached with the help of local Rotarians, the Yoakum High School Interact Club, and private donors.   Special thanks to Marty Garrison and his family for their generous donation to this effort and for joining the club in the trip to Driscoll Children's Hospital.
Pictured above from left are Rotarians and friends that traveled to Corpus Christi to deliver the bears:  Amy Barton, Pastor Alsen Wenzel,  Sherry Hutchinson, Shannon Garrison, Lexie Jackson, Marty Garrison, and Yoakum Rotary Club President, Bill Lopez.