This project provides “Rotary Club of Bastrop County” support of the “In the Streets Hands Up High” program This valuable community services program provides support of people (including veterans) with challenges such as homelessness, addiction, food, and employment.
The Rotary Club of Bastrop County has supported this effort including with helping construction of a transitional housing shelter for veterans. This is especially useful for veterans who have challenges such as PTSD and addictions of various types who can benet from transitional housing and associated support (e.g., counseling, vocational, IT tools, etc.) to facilitate them becoming as functional a member of society as possible. This helps address a bad spiral of homeless, unemployment, and addictions.
This project is being done to meet the goals of the Program lead, Pastor Roland Nava and in coordination with other organizations and the County. Completion of the st Veterans transitional housing shelter will be fully completed soon. Follow on support of this valuable community program is planned. One probable aspect will be “Hydroponics gardening system” to provide an opportunity for residents and staff to grow some of their own food and learn an innovative gardening technology