The Rotary Clubs of Austin and Killeen were able to  thank a soldier and his entire family of six for serving and protecting our country through a program called Operation Vacation Ft. Hood. The Rotary clubs partner with Austin Hotel Lodging Association, County Line Restaurants, Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau, Toyota Killeen and  Around Austin to honor these Army families from Ft. Hood  every month.
Sgt. Levin Locken, wife Gabrielle, sons: Leon (12), Levi(7), Keran(7)  and daughters: Kaedyn(5) and Kennedy ($) enjoyed the complimentary weekend at the Omni Southpark Austin Hotel by the General Manager Rob Goins last weekend.  The Rotary Clubs and sponsors provide a rent car, free meals, entertainment packages, toys and goodies to let the family know how much Austin appreciates the sacrifices these families make for all of us daily. County Line hosted their Saturday nite dinner with all the trimmings. This family had an extra treat because the kids' grandparents from San Antonio  were able to come to Austin and join them for their activities in Austin. When Sgt. Locken was asked if his family had a good time he said "It was so awesome-thank you for everything you did for us."  And when I thanked him for his service to our country he answered " No problem-I love my job!"  Sgt. Locken has served seven years in the military. We are so lucky to have such dedicated men and women protecting us everyday. So next time you see a soldier be sure and thank them.  They deserve it!