Killeen Heights Rotary making a big difference in their community with their Annual Food Drive. They kicked off this annual effort during their weekly Club meeting on 10 November 2017, where the members contributed funds for the local food center. Since the Killeen Food Care Center can provide seven meals per dollar donated, their Club effectively provided 31,300 meals to the needy in their community! Next, they had 11 volunteers pack 600 bags of dry goods for sale at the local Walmart on 13 and 15 November 2017. Finally, on 17 November, 36 members of their Club worked at the Walmart selling the bags of dry goods to Walmart customers - they sold all 600 bags in 11 hours; the last 42 were bought by one generous woman who really wanted to help those in need. They also collected $1,365.98 in cash donations that day - the equivalent of another 9,562 meals! What an awesome project!