Today was my 6 month anniversary in this beautiful country. I want to say thank you for everyone who made this possible for me. It has been a while since I have written and a bunch has happened! One thing that has happened is that I have turn nineteen! My birthday celebration was one that I hope I never forget. For my birthday, my new host family invited my last host family to have dinner in honor of my big day. My host sister’s boyfriend, who is studying to become a master-chef, personally made me THREE different desserts! I felt so fortunate, not just because of the desserts, but because I felt so cherished by everything that was done. My host family made some of my favorite food! Beef was the main dish, green beans, cake, nutella macaroons, and so much other yummy dishes. My new host family is really great! They are very different from my last one, but still just as great!
My host father is an antiquarian, who owns a couple of family antique stores, which feature the 17th, 18th and 19th century. My host mom is a very hardworking lawyer, which specializes in public affaires and construction cases. I have three sisters, Eleonore (23), Marie-Amelie (21), and Louise Marie (16). My oldest sister, Eleonore, is working to be the successor of the family antiquaries. She will be the third generation antiquarian in the family. My second oldest sister, Marie-Amelie, is studying law in a university here in town. My younger sister, Louise Marie, is still in high school. She is in Premiere ES and would like to be involved with international business when she is older. She plans on doing a Rotary Exchange, as well. OH, there is also Scott! Scott is the family dog. He’s fourteen years old and a complete sweetheart. At school, Valentine’s Day was a blast from the past. My host family had explained to me, before the actual day that Valentine’s Day was usually more for couples. I had decided, though, that I want to share my love and thankfulness to as much people as I could. I asked to send to send me Valentines cards, the ones that are given during those school parties in McBay and R. Q. Sims. I gave a Valentine’s card to each of my classmates, either Hello Kitty or Batman. I also had several packets of conversation heart candy to give out to people who were not in my class. All in all, Valentine’s Day was a success. Everyone was super appreciative and thankful, which made this year’s Valentine’s really super great for me. Also, I ate dinner at a Chinese Buffet with my family, which was delicious! Currently, I am on ‘Vacances d’Hiver’. During the first week of the two-week vacation, I had the privilege to go on a Rotary bus trips to Spain. I am so thankful that I have gotten this opportunity, because I have learned so many new, exciting, and different things. Thank you so much. God bless you!