The March meeting was called to order by the President at Texas Land and Cattle Restaurant.   The minutes were approved and Delores presented the Treasurer’s report.   It was stated that the club had $770.72 as of March 28th , 2017. 
The new officers were stated as follows:
President – Lana Kempff
Vice President- Liz Garza
Recording Secretary – Linda Voight
Treasurer – Bertha Guerra
Assistant Treasurer  - Delores McLain
Corresponding Secretary – Ellie Reim
Directors (One Year) Nita Louise Mayo, Doris Grabo, Julie Martin, Diane Gele
Directors (Two Yea) Dee Fuger and Sandi Ross
Past District Governor Suresh Pahwa gave a presentation about his work with Rotaplast in India and the Philippines.
The object of the organization shall be to foster friendship and fellowship among Rotarians, spouses and surviving spouses of members of Rotary.  Membership is limited to Rotarians, spouses and surviving spouses of Rotarians, persons who have given special service to the Rotary Clubs or to Ro-Anns, those members who desire the continuance of membership even though the spouse may no longer be a Rotarian, and the "Ro-Ann's Happy Hour " group .  Dues are $25.00 annually.  The regular meeting of Ro-Anns is on the fourth Tuesday of each month at 11:30 am.  
On March 8, 1962, a group of wives of the Rotary Club of Austin met at the home of Mrs. O.L. Alexander for the purpose of discussing the organization of the women of Rotary.
Those present at this meeting were Mrs. Thomas M. French, Mrs. Stephen J. Matthews, Mrs. Charles Burton, Mrs. Carl Hobbs, Mrs. Thom C. Connolly, Mrs. W.C. Treadwell, Jr. and Mrs. Horace Wallace.
They held their first luncheon meeting March 27, 1962, at Green Pastures, where it was voted to name the organization "Ro-Anns."  Officers were elected to serve during 1962-1963.
In November 1987, it became necessary to change the Ro-Anns Bylaws to reflect "spouse" membership.  This Change was due to a Supreme Court ruling in the summer of 1987, whereby membership in Rotary International became available to women.