Last summer, when I started making my official Governor Visits to all the clubs in our district, I related that membership growth/retention was going to be the main focus during my tenure as governor. My "District Governor One" initiatives that I shared with each club included goals that (1) each member would expose at least one new perspective member to Rotary by bringing them as a guest to one of your regular meetings or a service project or a social event, and (2) that each club in District 5870 net at least one new member before the end of the 2017-18 Rotary year.
We're making progress, but our overall success is mixed. About a third of our clubs have gained members thus far, about a third have stayed even, and, regrettably, the final third have actually declined in membership. We can and will meet our net goals, I am confident. But one stumbling block I hear repeatedly is, "I don't know anyone to ask to join me, or to tell about Rotary." Problem solved. Here is a primer of potential acquaintances who you already know who could make dynamite, active Rotarians; many are waiting for you or someone to ask them to join:
               your doctor(s)
               your therapist (long shot here)
               manager of any hotel nearby
               pastor or spiritual advisor
               neighbors who are community leaders or retired
                 fellow church or synagogue members
               golfing buddies
               financial advisor
               insurance representative
               the head of the advertising agency your firm uses
               the manager of your favorite clothier
               manager of your favorite restaurant
               manager of your favorite local retailer
               owner of your automobile repair facility
               key customers
               upwardly mobile young people you know in your area (i.e. your grown children's friends perhaps?)
               family members - your spouse, cousins, siblings, etc.
And the most overlooked potential source of new members of all.... your own grown children. I recently asked both of mine and received the heart-stabbing response "I wondered why you never asked me before?!?!?!"
We can make District 5870 grow this year, if we each just ASK someone to join us. We know the value of being a Rotarian... let's share the good news! It is not must your club's membership committee's responsibility to facilitate growth. It's each and every one of us asking prospects to join us.
We can do it. We can grow Rotary District 5870. Together.