It's Party Time
We've all been working hard this year. Together. Clubs are growing. We've planted trees across Texas. We've completed service projects both locally and globally. A great RYLA last summer. New Interact clubs are operational. We've reactivated a dormant Rotaract Club. Hundreds of kids have been knighted through Early Act First Knight program in our schools. We continue to be a leading district in our paired zones 21b-27..
But now it's time to party! We're 3/4 of the way through this Rotary year. Let's celebrate.
I invite everyone to join us for the Celebration of Clubs May 4-6  in San Antonio (registration data is elsewhere in this newsletter). Come, help us solve the mystery of "who killed whom" as a touring theatrical troupe presents an interactive "Murder on the Rotary Express" for us to solve  (I've got a feeling your district governor may be prime bait somehow). And some great entertaining speakers about how we are all making a difference in our world and communities.
You'll never know who might just show up during the screening of "Some Like it Hot" Friday evening.
And on a more serious note, we'll also conduct an important business meeting to help determine future policies of your district; your input and vote are your privilege. We'll remember those Rotarians who have passed away this year during a moving necrology service. And we'll honor outstanding Rotarians by inducting many into the District 5870 Roll of Fame on Sunday.
Fun for all, including your families. Y'all come!
See you in San Antonio on May 4. Thanks for a marvelous Rotary year so far.